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Take Her Slow

By: JakeFrommStateFarm


Love can take a while
It just never goes as fast as you like.
But if you wait and take your time
It'll go better than you ever planned.

So take your time
Hold her slow
You never know
Where the time will go

Might take a year
Might take a life
But it'll be fine
If you hear this line.

Take her slow.
Take her slow.


Message to Readers

This is the first verse of a song I'm writing!
Any feedback you guys have is great (and necessary)!
Please like, follow, and review this piece if you enjoyed this!

Peer Review

The title's eye catching so I started reading, 'Hold her slow.', kept me reading I like the phraseing.

I don't have any, it's good, very descriptive and concise nice work, pfp, and user :)

Reviewer Comments

Nice piece, I like it and agree with it, very nice.