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Perfectly Broken #beautyofessence

December 21, 2019


Many people have told me that I’m beautiful inside and out...they are only right about one
I’m America’s version of gorgeous
Blonde hair, big lips, blue eyes
But the truth is
I’m fake
A decoy
My hair?
And enough bleach to fill ten rivers
My eyes? Colored contacts, I order them in bulk
Brown eyes are too “plain”
And my lips? A birthday gift
To “raise my self confidence” as my dad put it 
I have a waist the size of Barbie’s
But I starve to keep it
Two fingers, “Scout’s honor”
Learned that from a TV show
I was ten
I can’t cry, my mascara can’t run
Plus if I did I couldn’t stop
I’m perfection, according to society
But I’m perfectly broken 


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  • December 21, 2019 - 10:59am (Now Viewing)

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