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me: we're running away from my problems
Friend: you hate running
me: ...
me: we're ubering away from my problems

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another rant

December 20, 2019


If you’re a parent and are able to abandon your child, something from your own flesh and blood, for being part of the lgbtq+ community you are the lowest kind of person. In today's world people who don’t feel right in their own bodies should be able to say something, they should not have to hide who THEY are to make you feel good. You don’t get to decide for your kid who they love, or what they are. But, you believe you do have that right, you believe you can tell a kid who doesn’t like their own body that “this is just a phase” and “God doesn’t make mistakes” that honesty is disgusting. Now to people who say that “this is new, you need to give us time” Honey it’s not new. In fact the first gay couple was way back in 2400 b.c between Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum. So you have had plenty of time to get used to it, because this has been around longer than you or I. Baron Friedrich von Steuben a man who helped train the soldiers at Vally Forge was openly gay, and the first trans-gender person was Christine Jorgensen (male to female) back in 1967. There are plenty of LGBT people who have helped shaped history so why do you still fight against them. 

Christine Jorgensen was also drafted into the military after her surgery, Trump is now trying to keep trans people out of the army.
this is aimed more to homo-phobic and trans-phobic parents
also my school had guest speakers come in and talk about the LGBT community 
plus we had pride week, a week dedicated to LGBT community support
so hi to any one who reads this


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