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i lost my confidence today

December 20, 2019


i lost my confidence today
i wasnt surprised
he stopped saying hi to me in the halls
it was only a matter of time

i scared off my friends last week
they just stopped showing up
i was too meek to ask again
so i just let them go

i watched my happiness die last year
i held her hand as she went
i watch her panic and fear 
as her moniter stopped screeching

i stopped seeing innocence two years ago
she was too scared to stay
"i don't like all these negative thoughts
please, just stay away"

i met my joy four years ago
i wish i kept her closer
she slipped away from my fingers
sometime in october

i still look for her every so often
whisper her name to the wind
sometimes ill stop and find a flower
whos singing her name back


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