Aaliyah Simpson

United States of America


December 19, 2019

Aaliyah Simpson
Mrs. T. Samuel
American Literature
10 December 2019

    What does December mean to me? It means time with family. It’s about the happiness little kids get from the approaching holidays. December means even though it’s cold outside, you get warmth from a blanket and some hot chocolate.  Some of my favorite memories are from December, all the love in the air could warm the coldest of hearts. I’m sure even the oldest person recalls a memory from December. December is the time when family members you don’t remember mention something about you being little. It’s about waking up early Christmas morning. It’s about giving. The last month of a hard year for some and the beginning of something better. December is the time when resolutions are made but never kept until the next December. Out of all 12 months, somehow December is filled with the most joy. The most love. So what does December mean to me? Well a lot.


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