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Hoi! I'm Dragon-Like-Tendencies, but you can call me Dragon, I don't mind! I like writing fantasy and sci-fi, but I enjoy a bit of realistic fiction too. I suck at poetry though, lol. I like applying to different contests to share and improve my works. If your my competition, well, best of luck! I hope I get to read your stories too! I am currently working on a novel known as "Long Lost", which will be posting biweekly, or whenever I can. I also randomly post short stories and sometimes very sucky poetry works. Good luck out there, and see you soon!

Sounds of Earth

September 18, 2020

PROMPT: Microphone

The unfurling of leaves reveal
The love of a Father and his Pride
He looks down at his Child
And hears his breath
The sloshing of oceans
the cries of jungle cats
as they leap on branches 
to catch their prey

He looks down in his Garden
And sees his favorite Child
A hairless, small thing
his voice singing low
as he wanders the trees
dirt between his toes
shuffling between the bugs and roots

The Child sits down on a branch
looking at a wandering bird
bright blue and scarlet
like blood in the sky
Chirping, the Child feels a tear
As he feels his Father's precence near
"Father, I see all your wonders
Creations of your kind
But yet I do not see one
The is similar to mine."

The Father smiled down at his Son
"It's been a while since we talked
My Child, what do you want?
You are precious to me
I care for you as I do the whole universe
For you, I would touch heaven to Earth."

The Child looked at his Father, 
away in the sky
He may look far
But his voice is so kind
"My Father, please make one like me.
I hate being alone, the trees feel bare
Make me one that we can live a fair
peaceful life along the birds
If you love me enough 
to touch heaven to earth."

The Father thought and smiled at him
"Of course my Son, let me bear you this gift
I'll take your rib, and make a bone a woman
Name her Eve, for she will be a Mother
She will make your heart aflutter
She will be your partner and friend
She will love you much like you love me"

The Child smiled and thanked his Father
and went into a slumber
when he awoke, it was just as his Father said
For the voice of God makes everything as it is
The world reflects his sound
Everything was as it was to be
But then Sin came and brought calamity
Tears and pain, fear with hate
Now crying is the sound the world makes


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  • Dragon-Like-Tendencies

    Thank you so much! This one was a lot of fun to do, with all the different sounds. It means a lot to hear what you think. Thank you!

    about 1 month ago
  • Spade

    Wow! The Creation story in a poem! Great job!

    about 1 month ago