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I tried something new today. It was surprisingly difficult ;-; XD


December 18, 2019


Everyone knew who we were
Back in our glory days
Couldn't have one without the other
Until we went up in flames

We've faded away
Remaining as distant echoes
Or silhouettes
Of who we don't know

But when we were blind and having fun
I remember being fearless and young
We stood with our backs to the sun
Fresh air filling my, now strangled, lungs

I feel like I'm a stranger in your head
As if you don't remember
As if you could forget
-It's really only been a lifetime

We've fallen in the dark
But one day we'll find the light
No one knew we'd make it this far
So let's dance like two shadows tonight



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  • Deleted User

    Replying: Aw. I didn't want to make anyone sad. It's just a fact of life for me. Thanks for thinking Memories was an amazing story. I really hoped so. Lol. Your friends don't have to buy it, I was kind of joking. (Kinda)

    Replying: Spiderman is a favorite of many people. There a SO many movies of him though that at this point, I don't know. But, I love him all the same. Hope your kickin' the start of 2020!

    11 months ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    replying:: i hope you had a merry christmas too! lots of food was ingested XD and for the record, it was snazztastic ;)

    i haven't been on wtw lately cuz things have been legit HECTIC round here.

    have a great new year/decade!!!!!!

    -your blue eyed buddy

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Replying: (AGAIN AGAIN! XD)

    It does suck. They sent me three emails, but my school apparently can delete emails as they see it fit. So, WtW is monitoring me from now on. One more mistake and my account gets terminated. I won't be back if it does, too. I've now just gotten accounts on both Prose and Commful. With the same username if you ever want to find me.

    Replying to the second portion:

    My favorite Marvel character is DEFINITELY Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. He always cracks me up. If I HAD to choose from DC, I would choose Wonder Woman or Aqua Man. Batman is pretty cool. Love that his super power is that he's rich. XD
    Oh! The under-grading by the older is like what my cousin is going through. His older brother, Tony, is a wrestler, and so guys are always trying to beat him up. He doesn't do well in school and such. My cousin (The younger brother) doesn't have high hopes, but so far he's been deemed as his teachers A-grade student. Who would you choose if you has to choose from Marvel?

    Ugh. Have to stop. I always write REALLY long comments.

    Eep. Sorry. *Hides behind hands*

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Replying: (Again) -.- XD

    I always wanted to know how to play violin. I think it's such a cool instrument. But, we only had a piano available. A little out of tune, but I sit down and play every day.
    Yay for water signs though! XD Really fun.
    About school though... Our middle school is from 6-8 grade, and high school is 9-12. The scary thing about getting new teachers is that they all know my brother. My brother (Older) is three years apart from me. They still remember him as such an amazing kid. He's mildly autistic, (Which you don't see it much anymore), and has a knack for solving problems.
    Every one of those teachers think I'm going to be this amazing student because they loved my brother and already know our family very well. It kinda bothers me. I could ramble about it all day, but I don't need to make this longer than it already is, and I don't want you dealing with ALLL of my freaking drama. -.-
    I keep looking at your bio and shaking my head at this one part.
    DC, huh?
    Guess there's something to debate about. Always is. I'm a total MARVEL geek XD

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Love it! Good job! Also, thank you for commenting on my piece XD. I can try to continue it if you want more of it, but you'll have to give me a minute XD

    11 months ago
  • The Campbell's Kid

    Merry Christmas! Have fun!

    11 months ago