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I feel down

December 18, 2019


1. thousands of thoughts flow through my head
I feel down
Its all too much 
Do they like me?

5. Do i look fat?
Omg I wished I looked like her
Maybe If I wear makeup I'll look prettier 
My hands are so ugly

10. I'm too tall
too fat
too ugly
too imperfect to date them
legs to long

15. nails to short
I just feel down
I just need closure


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  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    hey, you shouldn't feel down just because you don't look like others. you are your own special person and if people make fun of you for being different than them, that's their fault for not getting to know what kind of a person you are. beauty on the surface doesn't matter. i know you probably hear that a lot, but it's true. people who invest and spend hundreds of dollars of money on makeup only do it because they're insecure and are scared they will be cast to the side if they don't do what's popular. they don't want friends, they want followers. at least most do. some succeed in life, but most will go out into the world and wonder what happened because they're not getting everything they want. people who have more hobbies than taking selfies go out into the world and are successful. so next time someone looks at you and makes fun of you, consider how much better you are than them and just smile. if you don't react, they stop picking on you. simple. =)

    have a good day =D

    11 months ago