Taylor Tharp

United States of America

Our Kiss

December 17, 2019


 I tossed and turned
All night long
Thinking about what you said
I just really want to kiss you
As I thought about this
I closed my eyes
And the waves of sleep crashed over

In my dream
I saw you
You were sitting at the top of the slide
When I called for you to come down
You just shook your head and smiled
Leaving me with no choice but to
Climb up there with you
And when I did
You took me in your arms
Looked into my eyes
And you kissed me
Right then and there
Right under the stars
Right under the glow of the moonlight
Shining down on us
 God was looking down at us saying
Bless their souls

In my dream
I saw you
And it was perfect
It was beautiful
Just like you


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1 Comment
  • Fernweh

    This is so sweet... I really hate that the kiss took place in a dream... but nice work!

    4 months ago