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sorry the only metaphors i have are greek mythology ones

the end

December 17, 2019



your sterling smile darting
through blade-edge looks
cut through the skin on my chest
straight through-
a runner to the finish
waiting not on a written invitation
bringing to mind illegitimate wins
yet there is no publicity 
you stand still on your pedestal no
rescinded medals
my mind trickles through your fingers
as you grasp through searching for the holy grail
all you find is yourself 
come up empty handed gasping for air
like the swimmer i used to be
though i found exhilaration in watery lungs
beating hearts and necks and wrists louder
than any undulations
my own moves 
making me a voluntary atlas
holding up the soft sharp aquamarine
for one minute seventeen seconds
send someone to fish me out
you wade ice to your chest
light blinds you
but the blue is black
black surrounds hazel blinking
I am phaethon, artemis, apollo
you melt
nothing is more perfect than an ending
© Engi Abou-El-Kheir 2019


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  • Anha

    hey why doesn't this have more likes?? trying to fix a prevalent problem:

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