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is it too difficult to read when there are sentences starting in the same lines that other sentences should have a break?


December 17, 2019



i used to like drowning
under water compression into silence
slowing everything into a steady wave
always with control
a clear mind in glass water
pulled to the surface with a puppet string
perfectly timed
cristalline clear warmth coursing purely through
i'm made of pure light the sun refracts off
slices clearly through bounces from the shimmering glow
on smooth water
now it's murkier
a conglomerate of shadows darkens
the open flat now choppy sharp
with stinging skin stripping absent nail ripping 
black salt running through foundation
strands of hair flutter
coating the floor
toes painfully bunched shoes uncontained
back and forth in and out
a head held under
like a joke gone wrong
a timer set too long
raw lips teeth rake at peels of skin
petals shedding and blood gloss
nails as if hammered into palms embedded deep 
white to red raised
an uneven beat a skip of a note
breath in a cage
throw away the gilded key search blindly for it
tread in place
swimming a tightrope shudder-
a breath-
from a twin in water
pulled down to drown
© Engi Abou-El-Kheir 2019


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