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We walk through the meadow

By: Sadiez

PROMPT: Open Prompt

We walk through the meadow,
footsteps light, snow bright,
a white sheet placed just last night.

We walk through the meadow,
fingertips near, no fear, 
Just orbiting your atmosphere.

Can I stay here?

We walk through the meadow,
hands clasped, present, past, 
We hope this moment can always, last. 

We walk through the meadow,
content smiles, all worthwhile,
for you I’d walk every mile. 

Your my lily of the Nile. 


So I would say poetry isn’t my strongest writing form but I really just wanted to try something a little bit challenging, as I don’t write poetry that often. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this piece. And also should I extend this piece? 

A little bit of context just in case: lily of the Nile is a plant that represents love. 

Peer Review

I'd say it's about a long lasting love, walking through the ' 'meadow' or life through all 'seasons' or phases.

The repeition of 'We walk through the meadow' brings it all together.

The piece is great, nice rhyming you've got going on, rhyming is hard!

Reviewer Comments

It's awesome as is but we can always add more, right?