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God, okay. This is super super confrontational. I'm so scared to share it because I usually try to keep really angry/aggressive pieces just to myself. But I figured I would share this, since I think this community is a safe place where even if this piece isn't my proudest moment, people will (hopefully) understand where I'm coming from. Feedback is appreciated!

to make things beautiful

December 15, 2019


i am trying to write again. this happened to me in third grade, too,
my fingers no longer able to create those
superficial haikus that mrs anita had loved so much. beautiful, she called them, and
so i taught myself to spin empty sugar words;
americans eat too sweet. i found my voice
again, in 8th grade. spoken word, yelling and
passionate and so dramatic and by 9th grade i was apologizing for being aggressive and
confrontational and stuck to
blending cultures and belonging and chow mien as metaphors (nothing too exotic, let’s not get crazy now) because they
love when they can pretend to connect. when they can say you’re brave for 
sharing, like you are sharing for them. when they can shake their heads,
ooh and ahh, hold pity in their eyes like they want a cookie for it. when they can call your pain
beauty, like you are trying to make it beautiful, make the best of it, make it mainstream.
like cupertino’s poet laureate held cocoa butter in her mouth, consuming 
and said,
this poet wrote about racism and made it so, so beautiful.
i just balled
my fists and regretted
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    #bemine Competition winners posted!

    10 months ago
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    Hello! I'd comment on the piece you wrote for my competition, but I can't since the prompt is for a group that I'm not in. Thanks for participating! It works wonderfully! Happy writing, and may the words be ever in your favor.


    10 months ago