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i'm sorry

By: hi i'm jackson ;)


look, i'm sorry.
i'm sorry if you're mad at me, which you almost definetly are.
i'm sorry if you hate me. (if you do, welcome to the club)
i'm sorry for caring about you, if that's what you're so mad about.
i'm just so sorry.
i'm sorry that you feel thi way
i'm sorry that i cam't fix it
i'm sorry i'm such a terrible person
i'm just so so so incredibly, unexplainably sorry.
i'm sorry i never told you
i'm sorry you think i'm lying
i'm just sorry for all of this crap you're having to go through
i'm sorry you feel alone

Peer Review

Oh good God, this hit me good, I'm the same way, I say, "I'm sorry you feel this way." and "I'm sorry I'm such a terrible person.", all the time, it annoys so many people I know.

Is this a love piece? An apology to a realitive or friend? Who are you sorry to?

Reviewer Comments

Nice hustle, cadet.