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14 year old girl with a passion for writing stories, making people laugh, and both musical and not musical theater.

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December 14, 2019


    The carpet of the library began to irritate me as I listen to my brother read a book to the class, with assistance from the teacher of course. It was almost nap time, and I watched silently as the teachers grinned at my brother as he read yet another Doctor Seus story, occasionally helping him with longer words or phrases. My mind began to wonder, and I shift slightly to try and get at least somewhat comfortable on the blue, plush carpet. I started to try and think of what I'm going to do with yet another an hour and a half of naptime, I could never sleep, too much on my mind. Maybe I'll play with Jellycat, I thought, still watching my brother as the teachers praised him and praised him. Why is he the smart one? Who knew. I decided that my magenta stuffed cat was not enough to keep me entertained while my peers would sleep. It would be yet another naptime spent tracing the shape designs on my cot and watching my TA on her phone and wondering what her job was anyway. My mind stopped wandering as my brother read the last sentence, and kids filed out of the tiny, cramped room we called the library.
    I exited the library last, I was always last. The teachers always had the same question for me. "Why don't you read next time?". I would always just look at them, silently blinking. I couldn't read. Not at all, I didn't know why people thought I could do everything my brother could. I blinked one more time, before shaking my head and silently exiting the library, listening to the whispers of my teachers, thinking I couldn't hear them. They were mostly asking questions like "Why can't read like her brother?", "Why doesn't she nap like the other kids?", "Why is she so different?"
    By the time I got into the classroom, all of the kids were already asleep, nestled silently in their cots. I walked over to my cot, careful not to trip over anyone, or at least try not to. I had always been quite clumsy. Once I finally got there, I didn't lay down.
    I sat up on the cot silently, glancing out the window, at Jellycat, at the TA on her phone, and repeated that for about a good ten minutes. Then the door silently opened, one of my teachers entered the classroom, along with a woman I had never seen before. The teacher and she exchanged a few words, and then the woman sat down on the edge of my cot. I jumped back slightly, I was used to being the only person up, besides the TA at least. She just smiled and explained that she was here to ask me why I wouldn't nap. "Because I can't," I said simply, she asked me to elaborate, and I just shrugged. "I can't help you if you don't explain to me, honey." The woman said. I shrugged again, I wasn't much help, and I could tell the woman was getting ticked off. The woman called the teacher back in, and they exchanged a few more words before both the teacher and the woman left. I sighed and flopped back onto the cot. I knew I was different from the other kids like the teachers had said earlier. Why else would they have brought that random woman in?  Why else couldn't I read like my brother? Why couldn't I nap? I just turned to my side, staring silently at each kid and their normal, napping faces.


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