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December 16, 2019

PROMPT: Lyrical Stratum



blank stares. you tell me they don't stop, they never stop. they don't stop when your voice screams itself hoarse, vocal chords ripped to a frothing mess of sinew. they don't stop when the crevice between your thighs stains itself an irreversible shade of crimson. they don't stop. they leer. and laugh. and laugh. and laugh.


it takes two hundred and fifty six days for you to leave the four-walled cement brick you imprison yourself in. your fingers tremble at the doorknob, ghosts tearing at your skin. i think you knew it then, didn't you?
you were never going to sleep in peace ever again. 


its all these men and their maniacal fantasies. you, a pixie girl; him, a woodcutter. you, medusa; him, poseidon. you, in pain; him, on bail.
it is how it is.

lady liberty, and injustice. lady liberty, and injustice. lady liberty, and injustice.

koe - voice
kanashimi - sadness
koibito - lover

also, the rape of medusa has insipired this piece.

[ japanese ]

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1 Comment
  • Dani A. Remlap

    This was searing. Jesus Christ. I’m impressed and I’m moved and good God did you perfectly capture that. I... I have no words. Damn.

    12 months ago