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let's see how long it takes 'til this gets taken down. story to this one is a king and a knight this time (the king is the bottom lol)

fool's gold

December 13, 2019


oh, like an ocean, you are, intricate and composed, standing tall with no worry in your world but where to anchor down, with not a worry in your world what you do to me--your flawlessness near fills me with disgust, sends strange searing signals through my head that travel to my hands and body and which lights my face up like fire, and hooks my eyes upon your form with no chance of being set free, ‘til the moment you look my way--only then do my eyes dare dart away, only then do my lungs catch a breath--and yet your gaze digs into me relentlessly, awakening a voice in my mind that despite my efforts, cannot be muffled, yearning for your arms, and your voice, and for you--and an invitation to your ‘home’ is far from something expected, an offer to guide me through was far from expected--nonetheless the fire in me burned brighter and my body found itself shrinking into itself, nonetheless the word that left me was a faint “please,” not doing well of hiding my feelings of the time, not doing well of hiding my inevitable excitement--yet you still took my hand and guided me, and that felt more than what my mind could handle, yet i followed--yet further on, those looks you give me--unable to look you in the eye, yet i can feel the gaze nonetheless; something heated, something knowing, driving me to frenzy--and you moved close to me and whispered an invitation, and my whole being burned as the only response mustered was a small whimper--oh, what you to do me, is it not clear to you?--is it not clear how at each touch, my mind numbs, how my back arches with each brush of a hand--each touch like electricity jetting through me, jolting me, eliciting mewls and gasps which are a struggle to stifle--“fool’s gold,” you mutter lowly, yet so sweetly--speaking such silent love as you take my breath away.


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