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I'm 13 years old and was born on Valentines day during a snowstorm- I don't really make entrances like that anymore. I live in the panhandle of Idaho with my family and 6 pets, none of them are dogs or cats.

Moonbeam Child

December 12, 2019


Born from the petals kissed by the moon
A small, thing of  grace
Born a cool evening in June  
Summer outlines her sweet face

Dress billowing in the breeze 
Eyes the color of grass
Little sprite of the trees 
Heart as bold as brass

Spirit sweet as clover buds
Dancing through the meadow flowers
She sees the moon and her heart floods
And there she sits and stares for hours

Watching the moon its silvery glow
The leaves fall to cover the lawn
Winter comes buries her in the snow
When spring comes she's gone



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