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~Words are like blankets. I just want to be wrapped in them forever.

~ My drama teacher called me a chapstick lesbian. She really gets me.

~ I'm not uncomfortable but I feel so uncomfortable"

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I wrote this at like 4 this morning. Sorry if I messed up. I hope you like it

not everything is terrible

December 12, 2019


There is a storm cloud over my head, 
Finals suck, 
She definitely doesn’t like me that way, 
I’m ugly, 
My closest friend is gone, 
Everything I say sounds annoying, 
I need to get a mindset makeover.

In order to do this...

I have to remind myself of the good things like, 
My musicality, 
Her smile, 
Optimistic humans, 
Baby animals, 
Love in general, 
All the good things. 

Then, I remember my reasons for waking up, 
The list still isn’t up, 
Jovana is leaving soon so I have to spend time with her, 
I haven’t seen my extended family in years and want to, 
My impact still hasn’t been made, 
It’s almost working. 

But finally, 
I remember to write, 
And that always calms me down, 
It worked,
I guess I can finally go to sleep now. 


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