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you wanna know what this piece is about? it's about gay knights. the perspective is a knight falling in love with the other. the end


December 12, 2019


o, gods, forgive my feeble heart,
for as i gaze upon this knight’s majesty,
i feel a heat fall ’cross my face
warmer than my heart can handle,
as the moonlight flicks from their armor
and lights the stars in the sky,
i am hypnotized by their songless waltz
and their flawless gait, their glistening honor,
the lantern-light gathers ’round them and cries,
“see them, hear them, behold, look here!”
with a single glance, my gaze is lock’d on them,
and o gods, strike me down if i should not pursue
the beauty which cannot be captured in mere roses,
nor captured in the moon or the stars,
as they glow so much brighter than they could ever know
and o gods, i beg you, allow me this dream,
allow me to come into their arms, allow me this dream
allow me to take their hand and kneel and praise them,
allow me to kiss their palm and whisper sonnets and songs
and allow me to waltz with them under lantern-light,
lead by no music but our own breath and step,
lead by no music but our own heartbeat
and i dream, o, i dream of being held ’neath silk--
’neath beautiful silver silk, in their arms--
their gentle warmth drawing me to near-frenzy,
pull me close, dear, and hold me, o knight,
hold me as if i am falling away,
hold me as if the sky has me plummetting,
hold me like you’d save my life, i beg you,
o gods, i beg you, o gods, bring me the courage
o gods, bring me the knowledge i need,
bring me and tell me how to approach them,
how to draw their spirits in,
how to put their worries to rest, for just a night,
oh, just a night in their arms--just one would be enough,
just a night would be enough, ’neath silk,
’neath silk, in their arms, under lantern-light
just for a night


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  • onethousandburningeyes

    this has brought me a small sliver of happiness in a dreary geometry class, thank you

    almost 2 years ago