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Our Potential to Serve

December 11, 2019

Author: Natalie Page
With every footstep I take I begin to stiffen, feeling more statue than human. My legs slide against together creating a friction used to warm my frost-bitten legs, the attempt seemed quite futile. I journeyed across the yard filled with trees lit with specks of color. They expressed an oasis in this darkening world. My mind searches for warmth replacing the chills.
My mind journeyed back to the dinner table. Where the smell of home baked rolls dragged one into a sensation of belonging. As we grabbed our trays and began to slide them down the line grabbing our feast. I look to see a young family, as a crying child stands at the feet of his mother, begging for comfort for his small arms. I saw in the face of this young mother a version of my own mother, panicked with three little children. I slide my tray to my sister, and I walk over to the young mother. I offered peace to her with her troublesome trio by assisting them to a table. Once the children’s faces were stuffed with smiles between bites of food, I knew my job was finished. I excuse myself and the young mother ravaged through her book bag trying to find some way to repay my service. I look upon this mother of three, and began to say with glee, that this is the serving season, we are to serve to all of God’s children.
I rejoined my family who was chirping with joy explaining of the simple services of this season. For the gifts within the stores are nothing compared to those in heart. My father tells of his tale of helping old man Rick with his driveway. My mother tells of the ideas of baking goods. My older sister shows that she helped the youngest sister fix the hole within her mittens. The youngest sat and observed and acknowledged that she could help too.
As my soul delighted of the warmth I recalled. My eyes dart to the pool of water that stood right in-front of them. I leaned in to see just how far this water could go. Feeling the blissful mist, I dream of how it could be to swim down below amongst the mermaids. Entranced by the feeling of freedom, I lean in as my Sister’s warm hand grasps me back into reality. For I had not noticed how far I had leaned over the edge. I realized that being a mermaid wouldn’t be so great after all.
We drew ourselves away from the water’s edge and headed toward the glistening lights, to which the sound of distant music became louder as we approached a large crowd. They all tend to stand around these life size figurines. As the story unfolds, spotlights draw to the characters mentioned. Three men on the back of Camels, shepherds with their flock, and in the middle of this set sat a humble rock dwelling with a father, a mother, and a baby. The mother’s hair glistened as the wind gently blew it. Her focus lied only on her baby who laid swaddled in her arms. Her husband sat close, partaking of this newfound joy. The baby seemed to at peace. Almost completely still. A familiar voice speaks explaining the important role of this baby, and the services he did bring. As a heavenly choir sang, I stared at the baby and pondered of what the voice had said. “May we find peace in this Christmas season as we serve all of God’s children.” After all, we all have that potential to do good, and to serve one another as that little baby did. For our service brings peace to the raging world around. We may not be able to stop the world, but may we stop ourselves in the world, and serve our neighbors.


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