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on that googoogaga type beat

Scale (B Minor)

December 11, 2019



i did not play flute or piano
in middle school: thus, my breasts
were invalid and sheared from my

ribs and instead my fingers grew fat
and swollen as i plucked the cords
of my bass, and i let my hips

blossom in the dark music room away
from prying eyes. and then, summers later,
i shed my heavy cloak and dropped my instrument

and let a boy feel the scars where the 
proof of my girlhood once grew. and he played
the drums and i felt the rhythm and the beat

of the want in his hands as
he held me as i cried. and i love
him. and he guides my mouth

to his and we breathe beneath
out plump pink tongues and when
our big dull teeth hit it is comfort

and it is home. and i did not know 
that the love of the earth
and the sky was allowed between

two humans. two young
people touching lips to throats.
but wait - then again, the earth 

and the sky never curled up
in the top bunk of the earth’s
bed and the sky never kissed

down his stomach and she never
put her mouth on the flesh between
his thighs and i’m sure the sky never

cried when her feet touched
the ground again. but we are soft,
like them, and we are new and all at once

and we touch to prove we love,
and we are the stars and the trees, newly
woman and newly man, the thick hum

of a cello and the clatter of a cymbal, and then i knew.


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  • Anha

    ok you're honestly incredible. no words to articulate how your poetry makes me feel, so let me praise you by being a hype-woman instead. (hope this gets you the recognition you deserve.)

    11 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    yes! Lovely. I adore the intimacy of this piece, it makes me think of heavy kisses, sweat and rain for some reason, and i love it. The use of metaphors is flawless, and your diction is amazing. Keep writing! <3

    12 months ago
  • fatpanda

    this is simply beautiful. i've never seen poetry like this before, but the rhythm you spun here was amazingly well done. a brilliant way to convey such a beautiful story :)

    12 months ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    This piece is absolutely stunning in more ways than one. The imagery and rhythm is beautiful as are the sensory details you imbued in the piece. The story you tell is one that is a compilation of music and loss, spinning us and immersing us in a tale we cannot forget. Well done! Keep up the excellent work:)

    12 months ago