i would’ve given you the clothes off my back, the air from my lungs, the remnants of my heart. but apparently i wasnt good enough. ive never been good enough for your love.

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never good enough for you, never good enough for my folks. i don’t know why i bother.

SNOWPIERCER (Arm Freezing Scene) | #powerofwords PROMPT 1

December 11, 2019


“The boot does not belong in the head” the lady beside me shrilly as her henchmen force me to my knees. She places my grubby boot on my head and whispers “Enjoy losing a limb, maggot”. 

Her henchmen grab the metal rings. I swallow my fear. 

The cold metal snaps around my bicep and clenches tightly. Immediately my arm is assaulted by the frigid temperatures of the outside world. 


So cold. 

Millions of tiny pricks stab stab into my skin. I feel the wind whisking away all the dander from my skin. 

Snow crusts itself under my nails. It shoots under the nail, and jams itself into the cuticle. I feel blood begin to drip off of my arm and onto the side of the train. 

Ice embeds itself into my nailbed. I feel my essence crumbling away bit by bit. 

My vision goes dark from the pain. 

4 minutes feels like an eternity, but there’s nothing I can do.......

.......but wait. 

My arm begins to  feel strangely warm, euphorically confusing. My brain tells me I’m going to die. I tell it to shut up. All that matters now is surviving this and getting back my son. 

The lady begins ranting again. The boot falls from my head, thumping to the ground hollowly. 4 minutes feels like an eternity, but it’s worth it for my son. 

Think happy thoughts. 

Its almost over. 

They pull me me away from the hole in the train wall, and I stare at my frozen arm in horror. The lady speaks again, but I can’t have earn her. All I can hear is the swinging of the hammer and the fragments of myself shattering onto the floor.......


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