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November 2019 Must Reads!!!

December 16, 2019


If you wish to see all November's nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'November(2019) Must Read Nominations!' Now let's get to the point.

Categories will be first (in bold).
Next will be the nominated piece (linked) as well as the author (linked)
Following will be a quote from the piece (italicized)
After will be who nominated the piece and why
Last will be our thoughts of the piece
!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!
No nominations.
war by Ursa
"realistically, we only fight for the games rich men play"
Selfnominated because "managed to create clear windows into my imagination where these scenes were playing out."
Our view on this piece: This piece really made the reader look at war through multiple perspectives.

the land by Oscar_Locke
"i will be eternal for eternity"
Norah nominated this piece because "a really well put together and atmospheric poem"
Our view on the piece: This piece is abstract with metaphorical meaning.

dehydration / you by r|A|i|N
"too often i am somewhere else"
Norah nominated this piece because it's "well written and evocative"
Our view on this piece: This is everything you could think of, wrapped up in one piece, in minimum amount of lines.
Coincidence? Fate? by Dmoral13
"That's what you think, you free-willed strong-headed nonbeliever of fate."
Ursa nominated this piece because "he emotions in this piece are so real, so relatable, and that is definitely your strength in writing."
Our view on the piece: Bittersweet story written in a sort of reflective tone, questioning life itself.
queen of the sky by weirdo
"Zara/queen of the stars, moon, sun"
weirdo nominated this piece because "i feel like it’s the best i’ve written in a long, long time and i would really love for me people to see it!"
Our view on the piece: There are indirect praises and detailed pieces of advice

Before the Battle Music Started There Was This by PouringOutTheSun
"you’re in the monastery and the ghosts are visiting too much again"
Anha nominated this piece because "the lilting sway between colloquial language and phrases straight out of a hymnal is hypnotic."
Our view on this piece: Told through a unique way, the writer takes fictional writing to a whole new realm.
No nominations
Simple/Short but powerful
#thewitchinghour by weirdo
"to make paint from/liquidated galaxies"
Quille nominated this piece because "pleasure to read, but this one is probably one of my favorites"
Our view on this piece: There's a sort of magic within itself in how you ended with a piece with suck strength and power but also left the reader turning this idea over and over in their head. 
Historical Fiction
No nominations.
Birthday by ajamwal
"cold metal fingers brush against my scalp as I shiver"
Selfnominated because "I feel this piece is heartbreaking, but somewhat relatable."
Our view on the piece: This is a bittersweet short story, that's set in a futuristic reality.

I am something without teeth by aryelee
"the present is a gift I returned three birthdays ago, receipt in hand"
Anha nominated this piece because "it's an exemplar of phenomenal language and engaging formatting for an emotion that would be otherwise inexplicable."
Our view on this piece: Overall, the way  this was crafted was unique and brilliant.
No nominations.
No nominations.
And you would have walked upon shards of glass for the rest of your life just to see her smile again. | part four by Anha
"Everyone knows men don’t believe in magic."
weirdo nominated this piece because "it is most definitely my favorite".
Self-nominated because: "i feel like this is the one more masterfully crafted. i'm proud of it."
Our view on the piece: Remarklable, the convey of emotion and pain in this is overhwleming-in a good way
Science Fiction
No nominations.
No nominations.
Lowercase Prose
we're never really more than words by Dmoral13
"but for me its hard to think that someone who doesn't care would"
Ursa nominated this piece because "This piece is one of most well-written rants I've read. turning a twisting, chaotic, confused thought process into something readable is not easy, and Dmoral13 made it a piece of art."
Our view on the piece: This is a powerful rant that combines raw emotion and feelings that's hard to put into words.

thinkin' in colours by Dmoral13
"but how can i put into words these things called thoughts that are consuming?"
Quille nominated this piece because "vivid imagery by one of my favorite writers here."
Our view on the piece: The use of colors doesn't seems forced but makes it seem like these are real thoughts.


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