Nicholas Engel

United States

Random Prompt

December 11, 2019

As he took in the view from the twentieth floor, the lights went out all over the city. The evil man had sent an electric volt through the power lines in New York. Everything went quiet for a second and then it was dark, and there came panic. Everyone checked their phones and Twitter was going crazy. The cars on the streets stopped, the billboards went black and there was nothing. The evil man, James had succeeded and now the second phase of his plan was about to go into effect. He climbed down the ladder in which he had flashlights attached and ran down to the garage. Since he had planned this out, he had made his lights immune to his electric attack. He ran down the stairs of his building as fast as he could until he reached his fancy, modern garage. He jumped into the lamborghini and was off. The road he turned on had an under construction sign on but that was set up by James. He did this on purpose to have a direct route to the bank with no cars in his way. He arrived parked, and walked in. The bank was pitch black but in a commotion. There was lots of screaming and panic so he took that opportunity to sneak back behind the counter in all of that mayhem. Since he used to work for the bank, he knew this walk very well. He walked down the stairs and used his stolen credentials and opened the door. As the door slowly opened, he turned on his flashlight and in front of him was gold. Thousands of gold bars, but more importantly, the precious diamonds in a pile. He pulled out his computer and went to his hacking software and turned on the safe lights. He unzipped his backpack and dove in, starting to fill his bags. When his bags was full to the max he went back up the stairs and headed for the roof. Waiting for him was his partner in business, Billy, in a helicopter. He climbed in the helicopter and they were gone into the night. Back in the city, finally got the lights back on and were getting everything back in control. The bank workers ran to the vault to see their highly valuable jewels and gold bars gone. But they had no clue how or who did it. Later that night, James and Billy arrived at their secret location in the Pacific Ocean. With all their riches they were ready to start their new life, but for now they had plans of just relaxing on the beach.


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