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December 12, 2019



tragedy is my oldest lover
taking the form of realization;
i, eighteen, the age anne frank never reached, a hammer to my skull and suitcases under my eyes
i think i hoarded tears
a litre for you
a litre for the clammy feel of december
a litre and a half for the child who believed in me
a dozen more for the saccharine dissolving on the tooth of my tongue
women on the battlefield two to one; prostitutes, healers
saving the skin, saving the desire

tragedy is my oldest lover
crown politics and the anarchy of a colonized territory
i came from a land of insufficient nightmares, 
my religion reduced to a burning qur'an and concentration camps
if i could sell my principles in these pressing times
i would—
i do
eyes turned away at the carnage staring at me
hesitant hands at the pocket change for poverty
lungs filled with sawdust and asthma
flesh and bone, plastics in the stomach
here lies the abyss, the swirling quagmire
words trudging mud, voices laced in bullets
the middle eastern way of dying

tragedy is my oldest lover
it is yours too
a clock spun backwards
silky sticky nectar in threads between my fingers
the atlas lies heavy on my desk
i want to pawn it away;
maps and government sanctioned borders,
the world is on fire—
but my silence
the inferno

for the jewish holocaust, the palestine occupation, the chinese concentration camps, the indian "anti-muslim" bill, the syrian civil war, the kashmir occupation, the world pollution, and many, many more.

p.s i also tried to encompass all the world issues in one piece, but as you can clearly see, it was a failure smh

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1 Comment
  • jun lei

    I'm reading my way through your poems and wishing that they were compiled in a book. Pages of poems, strings of sentences, warrior words fighting their way into my heart and soul.
    Thank you for the gift you have given.
    I am falling in love with your words.

    10 months ago