i would’ve given you the clothes off my back, the air from my lungs, the remnants of my heart. but apparently i wasnt good enough. ive never been good enough for your love.

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never good enough for you, never good enough for my folks. i don’t know why i bother.

rip chip

December 10, 2019


I killed my mothers cat

and I don’t know what to do,

She won’t stop crying,

she won’t leave her room. 

I killed my mothers cat,

and I didn’t mean to.
I was a neglectful shitty child,

and now her life is ruined. 

I killed my mothers cat

and now I’m turning blue.
Trying to dig a grave in a blizzard

is really fucking hard to do. 

I killed my mothers cat,

and our relationship is through.
I’m a pariah and a monster,

Now I know what I must do. 


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  • December 10, 2019 - 6:18pm (Now Viewing)

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