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mourning doves

December 14, 2019



give me a sign god,
give me a single reason why i should try god,
when the unending lies and cries for a pain
that leads only to the pleasing release of a woman accused
sadness diffused, trust abused, body abused
an artwork burned, ashes who yearned for the heavens
to only be chained and restrained, white words stained by the blasphemy of man.

equality is a word clear as mud - thick as a cloud and sweet as blood
freedom is free like the planets revolving around the sun
ellipses in ellipses in ellipses we go
merry go 'round till the witches fall down
hand-in-hand with the woman they love, pain unsheathed in a bouquet of 
mourning doves


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  • Ursa

    how are your rhymes so good blue wtf
    freaking beautiful ugh

    12 months ago
  • _nsbb

    now that i reread it a agree yeah, i'll definitely go back in and edit that part a little when i write it down. ty

    about 1 year ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    i love this?? the rhythm is spot on + the bit about freedom and plants GOT ME. like wow
    but also i don't think "the pleasing release" flows as well or makes sense within the contect--i mean it does, but not quite? idk

    about 1 year ago