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Memories and Feelings in December

December 10, 2019

    In my imagination, I can see light flurries of snow falling to the ground into soft white banks, making the land look like an enormous marshmallow. I can imagine the cold biting my cheeks and my nose, and the clear sky above my head. I can imagine ice cream in the fridge and hot chocolate powder in the cabinet. I can imagine school out and the kids in my neighborhood coming out to play, together for once.   

    I can imagine shivering in my bed before falling into a deep sleep. I can imagine sleepily waking up, excitement and contentedness streaming in my body while I rub away the sleep in my eyes and put a smile on my face as I await Christmas. I can imagine all of that, but the only things that happen in real life are the sting of the cold wind across my face as I walk into the school building, bookbag heavy on my shoulders.   
    The only things that happened are during the winter break, events so lively that they make up my perception of winter. A time like this was when I was younger, away at home, tucked in while the state of Georgia panicked at the sight of snow and, unknowably to me, ice. My younger brother and I, we tried and tried to make the perfect snowman, gloves on our hands wet from the melted snow. A snow fight occurred, just like in the movies, but not like in the movies. People in the movies get hit with snow- not ice. How an accident ever happens, I’ll never know, but I’ll know the way my brother cried in pain from getting hit in the face with ice by his own sister.   
    I’ll know how it feels to hurt a loved one and be gathered away into a bricked house during the first time it snows hard enough to just have a fist full of snow. I’ll know and though that experience will always taint my nostalgia and love for December, other memories shine bright.  Memories like me eating snow for the first time, cold melting in my mouth and laughter bubbling into the air.   
    Memories like the feel of being warm in the morning and the reluctant decision to get out of bed. Memories like the feel of the air, and the feel of love, family, and friends.  Memories like my winter concerts every year filled with the sound of timpani’s, chimes, and bells ringing in the air. Memories like the yearly Christmas play at my church and the talented friends and family acting on the stage in front of me. Memories like watching Hallmark channel with my Nanna during the winter season and making fun of the movies while enjoying each other’s company. 
    Memories like singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas day and sitting around the tree. Memories like opening presents and being together in body and spirit for a day. Memories like giving gifts to friends and receiving gifts. Memories like “roughing” it out during the break and forgetting about the stresses of school, relief that the Finals™ are over. Memories like these brighten my perception and feelings about December, healing the slights and the pains of other not-so-good memories.  
    In the end, however, December continues to be one of my favorite months. Whether the month turns rotten occasionally or not, the month still holds up the values that I stand for. It doesn’t matter if I’m drinking hot chocolate with friends or playfully wrestling with family. December continues to be about love and my memories continues to show that.  


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