Peer Review by Sarah D (Australia)

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Four Pictures

By: Bluebell Ladytwoshoes

PROMPT: Quartet

He is musically inclined, vertically challenged, nerdy but cute, academically intelligent but lack common sense.

He is my friend, flaws and all. Though I'm still trying to figure out what i actually think of him, how i feel about him. Not surprisingly, it's the latter that i struggle with.

Peer Review

The most revealing detail is how the second character feels about him. For me it reveals that he must be a character full of contradictions. This was established earlier, but the last couple of sentences really show that the narrator's feelings for him are just as diverse as all his traits.

I would love to know how this character feels about the narrator. I already feel invested in the characters through the few lines of description, but I would love to read more about their friendship.

Reviewer Comments

I really enjoyed this small descriptor and I hope I read more about those characters in the future!