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Hi guys... This is my take on My December Competition and even if it isn't what the competition desired, I am kinda happy about this. I would appreciate ANY review on this... So please like, comment and review. And, I'm mentioning it again, whatever described in here is true and not fictitious. I haven't exactly used imagery or descriptions and this is an altogether different style for me. So please tell me what you think about this piece. Hope you enjoy this :)

The Feel of December.

December 10, 2019

The last day of November
‘Darn it’ I was grumbling curses about how cold it was in Delhi again and about the insanity of my school.
Whoever keeps exams in December?
I was walking home from my math extra class at 7 in the evening. The night was cold and dreary and cold. God, I just hate winter evenings. Well, not really. When I was a little girl, I used to love the fog that would escape my mouth when I’d sigh in the cold air, plus it was also the time of Christmas and New Year, even if we didn’t celebrate the former.
Well, a lot good it did to me. Math exam on 2nd December, who would’ve thought.
I hugged myself, shivering from the cold. At least it isn’t as bad as it was in Shimla last year.
I sighed, noticing the lack of fog that escaped my mouth.
Or maybe it is just the smog. I sighed again. Pollution, pollution, pollution.
Maybe they should’ve banned celebrating Diwali this year. A lot good it did, banning fireworks. All that happened was national holidays for schools and colleges along with severe coughing fits.
How is it possible for this teensy tiny city to have such a high pollution rate? How can one of the greenest capitals in Asia become hazardous for its people?
Well, if there is one thing, I learned by living in the capital of India, it is that nothing is impossible.
But, my train of thoughts didn’t exactly help me prepare for my math exam, so, I went back to grumbling about tests during December.
I had almost reached my home, when, my eyes went up to a patch of glimmer in the sky. The moon seemed to be shining unusually bright that night. It wasn’t full but it exhibited a strange glimmer. Instead of the usual pollution tinted coppery shade, it was back to what it was known for, silver. I was seeing a silver moon after a very long time and I couldn’t help but admire how it contrasted against the black starless void. But even the picturesque scene couldn’t hide the lingering reminder of what was to follow. Mass killing. Extinction of humanity. All through the continuous belching of smoke.
‘Hindustan Times’ headlines! Chief Justice Reprimands Ministries for Their Inactions! Delhi, Now A Gas Chamber. Dreadful December.
“Why this torture? Why not just take a missile bomb and wipe out the city? It would make death less painful.” I chuckled bitterly as I climbed the stairs to my home. Even our judiciary is fed up by the incompetency of our ministers.
Perhaps, this time I wouldn’t enjoy snuggling into the bed with Papa, or savor the feel of my usual Mocha. I wouldn’t enjoy the late-night movie marathons or spontaneous trips to the winter bonfires. This December, I wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of December.
First week of December.
“Bloody Hell” I was as usual, grumbling again. But this time about my incapacity. I was down with viral infection and continuously hurling my guts out in the toilet bowl. And to add insult to the injury, I had excused myself rather politely from my Social Science exam to belch out my breakfast.
What a way to end the year…
I sniffed, and blew my nose rather loudly in my already drenched handkerchief.
I slumped back against the headboard of my fourposter bed. I sank even further in the covers to hide from the cold.
“Mammaaaaa” I yelled loudly.
“WHAT?” she yelled back
“It’s cold! I wanna drink coffee…” I shouted. Somehow, even my speech appeared sluggish to me. Mother appeared in my doorway with a rolling pin in her hand and sighed at my appearance. I wore an overly large and overly warm sweatshirt, with red watery eyes and open tangled hair that could be compared to a huge rat’s nest. Huge indeed.
Mother looked at me “No. You are not getting coffee. It is poison when you have a stomach infection. Now, I want no other word and go bathe. You’ll feel better.” She ordered looking at my protesting expression. Mom left the room and I stepped out of the bed, groaning. I walked towards my large window and pulled up the blinds. It was early afternoon yet it felt like early morning, the sun wasn’t bright, the sky and ground alike, covered in gray, fog draped my windows. I absentmindedly drew patterns with my finger on the cool glass and leaned my head on it. The freezing cold feeling ran up my spine and I closed my eyes.
Second week of December.
I sat on my warm bed, catching up all the work I had missed in my absence. I wasn’t fully recovered but I was in a much better condition; which in fact became another cause of my grumbling. When I got better, mother had not wasted a second in ordering me out of the house and to the school. And that ended with huge piles of homework and preparation of retests.
I paused writing, when I heard footsteps in front of my door.
My door swung open and my best friend walked into my room. He swung the door shut and flopped on my bed, scattering all my notes.
“What the hell Jay!” I grumbled gathering all the loose sheets.
“Good evening to you too Miss. Specky.” His deep voice followed the chuckle at my expense as he flicked my spectacles resting upon my nose.
“What do you want?” I asked him, annoyed.
“Well, I wanted to see how you were doing of course. It wouldn’t do well for you to start puking your guts out on your birthday, would it? He drawled.
“That’s not it. And my birthday is in 5 days, I’ll be fine by then. Tell me.” He replied by showing a plant to me. It took a moment for the comprehension to dawn on me.
“Mm. Nice. How did you manage to get your hands on these anyway?” I asked grinning evilly at the small Mistletoe.
“Central Market. Has all the stuff.” He said shrugging casually.
“So, who do you plan on trapping under this oh-so-wonderful plant.” I asked him
“We’ll see after we get you outside this dingy room of yours. You’ve been holed up in this place for ages. You mum’s getting worried!”
I couldn’t exactly refuse. I loved this Christmas tradition, and the laugh that I got out at the expense of poor couples.
So, what followed was our other best friend joining us and hanging the mistletoe on the entrance of several block buildings while we rolled on the floor in fits of laughter when embarrassed couples would shyly refuse to comply to our wishes.
We roamed my colony till late in the night and the three of us laughed and enjoyed together. We raced along the roads, pranked other kids and climbed tress just to show off our skills. We fought against the cold until our faces were red and all of us were sneezing. We laughed and smiled and gasped breathlessly against the biting cold air until I ran off towards my house. We continued laughing until we were out of breath and had to be reminded by chastising calls from our parents to return home. But that didn’t stop us from savoring the elation we all felt. Walking home alone did not wipe the grins off our faces. The prospect of unfinished assignments did not daunt our spirits. And it didn’t stop us from feeling the feel of December.
That night, I slept peacefully with a smile on my face for I was grateful to have friends who would pick me up when I was at my worst. They reminded me to look at the bright side of everything. They reminded me to never give up. Because it was their attitude that changed my attitude.
Instead of grumbling over the reality of life, they make me laugh at the monotonous routine of life. They make me feel the feel of December. And it isn’t even 31st yet!
This is somewhat different from what the competition wanted but I'm sort of satisfied about this nonetheless. 
DISCLAIMER: all events described above are NOT FICTITIOUS and have occurred to me. The news and the statement mentioned are true, if not accurate. 
Context: Hindustan Times is our National Daily. 
Please don't think too much of the timeline I have mentioned, I'll try to do that too. ;)


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  • Emi (Revival Year #NEWYEAR)

    This feels so real! I love the details you bring out...hanging mistletoe over doorways, hah hah! I'm going to do that now this year (and hope I'm not caught under it).

    3 months ago
  • Miss_S_wise

    @Raquel thank you so much :)

    12 months ago
  • Loser

    Your writing brings the reader into your world wonderfully...I could see this becoming part of a memoir eventually. It's also quite humorous and I love the theme of changing your attitude.

    12 months ago