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The Meaning of December

December 10, 2019

I jumped on my sled and off I went. Down the hill at the golf course faster and faster. If 
you sled when the snow first comes, it’s not packed down yet and doesn’t work as well. Now if 
you go down when the white blanket is smushed against the grass, that’s a completely different 
story. It’ll freeze over and a person will zip down the slope as fast as a blur towards a jump that 
will send you flying into the sky, like Santa Claus delivering toys on Christmas Eve. Then after 
my siblings and I are too cold to feel anything, we finally decide that we should probably head 
home. Once we have kicked the powder from our boots and dusted off our coats, sleds, and the 
van, we drive through a harsh and peaceful white landscape. Everything is encased in a 
temperature of twenty-nine degrees Fahrenheit so that you can see your breath too, along with a 
crisp winter breeze. 
Our house is on a hill so thank goodness for snow tires in case there was black ice on the 
road. We get inside and toss all the snow gear into a pile by the door then fall onto the coach or 
the carpet by the fireplace with Christmas music playing softly in the background. After laying 
around warming up for a bit, then comes the hot chocolate. Adding extra hot chocolate powder is 
the way to go on any snowy day. Lastly, any cup of hot chocolate deserves a generous amount of 
whipped cream on top of it. With Christmas break being in full swing, I decided to go downstairs 
to the basement and watch a Christmas movie. I was set on The Polar Express or A Christmas 
Story, but I couldn’t choose which one. Some Christmas movies you can get tired of but there a 
few that stay fresh and new that you can watch again and again.
December has a lot to it. The hustle and bustle of the stores, buying gifts and stocking 
stuffers, Christmas cards, caroling, shoveling driveways, building snowmen, serving others, 
Christmas parties, egg nog, cookies and milk, spending time with friends and family, and eating 
gluttonously without worrying about calories. The nice thing about December, in Utah at least, there is a ridiculous amount of snow that usually comes, and we love it. I love the snow because 
it really is a white Christmas each and every year. The thing that is tricky is having to shovel it 
and always stay wary of snow that will unforgivingly pile up.
December is a time to serve others as well. Last year, a few of my friends in band and 
me, went to a care center for a few weeks in the month to play Christmas carols on our brass 
instruments and they absolutely ate it up. After we were done spreading some Christmas cheer, 
we shook all of their hands before they went back to their rooms and we left for the week.
I also love going caroling with my band teacher and his family and our friends to anyone 
we need to cheer up if their Christmas is hard and no one is really helping. That’s also where I 
love doing sub for Santa. It feels good to give back to families with less when I know I can have 
a great Christmas so why can’t other families too? December means serving others, a time for 
family and friends to come together and forget their troubles and focus on being good to one 
another instead. The Christmas spirit is contagious and everyone needs some.


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