Maia Reppe

United States of America


January 6, 2020

     Too bright! Fifty feet away and all I could see were the bright, twinkling Christmas lights wrapped around nearly every house on the block. As I neared closer and closer to my house, each house came into focus yet every light still seemed to shine as brightly as ever but, only at this time of year were they out. The cold winds snapping against my dry, cracked skin as I tried to get to my house as fast as I could. I just couldn't, I couldn't lose that smile that was smeared across my face. Why was this time of year so very special to me? December is a time to treasure, a time that you've been waiting for since last December. Almost every house is filled with some kind of joy and excitement for the upcoming holiday season. Unlike every other month, December celebrates everyone and everything, not just Christmas. This time of year is honestly the only time that you may have something in common with someone you barely know, the joy of the season. With every December-y thought engraved into my brain as I was freezing my fingers and toes off, all I could muster up was the happiness that the season filled me with. As I finally got to my front door, I tapped on it to get inside. No luck! As I sat there, unbearably cold and what should've been angry, I still couldn't stop smiling with joy. As I peered at the lights above, I saw how every single light was lit up and the ones that weren't were still partially lit by the ones next to it, connected as one. During the holiday season, it's all about giving and finding that inner joy. It truly is the most magical time of the year!


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