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Roof on Top

April 13, 2020

PROMPT: One Home

We may live in different countries, but we still breath the same air.
We may experience different things, but we still live in the same time.
We may meet different people and hear different stories, but at the end of the day we still fall asleep under the same night sky.

The greenary you see might be different from the grass I know. 
The salty air that I taste might be different form the air you know.
You might be on top of a chilly mountain, while I stay on near the warm air of the sea.
Or I might be in a deep canyon while you are stuck in the jungle.
But when we are worried that we are lost, we look at the same sky for the stars that once guided us by. 

I admit my life is so different from yours. 
I admit that we might never meet.
But this is our Home
And for a house to turn into a home, you and I, we should keep our head held high. 

Now don't you see?
That we live under the same roof.
That we live in the same house.
That you and I are pillars that make this world stand.

We might laugh and cry in different places but we are still under the same sky. So with all my heart I hope that May we meet one day.  Cause our home isn't within 4 concrete walls, but our home is the who is surrounding. The nature, the people, the creature they are our home. And they are worth fight for. 

Looking for reviews. I hope you like it!


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