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what up fam I’m back from like a four month break
most of my pieces are really personal so yeah I’m sorry if you read any of them
been here since 2017 with my besties FairNoble and CreativeAngel <3
just a girl trying to get rid of writers block
I hope that you have an absolutely splindiferous day! :)
If y'all want me to check out a piece or peer review it, let me know in the comments of one of my pieces and I'll do my best to get it done

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- courtesy of SamG95 (im actually not sure if he's on here anymore but... he made this)

snapchat: cam_lily119
instagram: camryn_woods11

the metronome

December 9, 2019


tik. tik. tik. tik.

the metronome pounds
into my head,
a high pitched noise
that screams into my ears
and tugs at my weaknesses.

you have to be faster
try harder
never show your pain.

my heart hurts 
as moisture drips 
down my face 
and into 
the abyss 
of my fears



and the metronome is still there, 
etched into my soul;
a reminder that
i'll never be good enough
and never will.  

tik. tik. 
hiii so i'm kinda a hypocrite because i told CreativeAngel to not write depressing things and this is kind of depressing whoops.  I think I'm okay now but I had physical therapy today and apparently I'm still heel striking which means that I might get shin splints again next year unless I fix it and I have to use a metronome which is really hecking annoying and I need to increase my cadence and stuff and it feels that all of the work that i did over the summer was for nothing adn im gonna be so slow when i get  back to running. and then there's school and i don't feel like im getting good enough grades and i need to try harder but guys im already trying so hard at everything my head hurts so much.  sorry that this turned into a rant. they need to have a cowboy emoji that i can put here.  I_I (0) _PW2[owp2kswlkdlw2jd;


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  • Riley Noel

    I know that sometimes it feel like everything is piling up on top of you,
    and you're not sure how much more you can hold before you fall,
    but i'm here to tell you a secret I learned long ago.
    Everything will be okay.
    I also know you are probably sick of people telling you that.
    But, it's the truth.
    You will be okay as long as you keep moving forward.
    Put your chin up
    shoulders back
    chest out
    and then,
    ask life if that's all its got!

    10 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Everything will be fine. Just stay happy and blessed!

    12 months ago
  • camlily

    ohh it's like a thingy that makes tiking noises like a clock and i have to match my steps up with it when im running which is blehhh

    12 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    also this sounds dumb but what is a metronome?

    12 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    you can let this all out you know
    anywhere, to me, to anyone
    but like same like that's literally a mood i feel the same way like i'm not good enough and i need to try harder like whyyyy

    12 months ago