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I come on here like. Once a month.
Post two things.
Then leave again.

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when i was younger,

December 9, 2019



i had a hunger for the deep
a thirst only quenched by lack of sleep
filling my head until it burst
at the twenty-first hour, 
cursed with unrehearsed plans, thoughts, words
spill until my lungs fill with toxic waste
coming from the rubber lungs made by my 
father, he told me
no matter what i did my words would be
silenced, crucifixion, my existence unholy
never do anything worthwhile until i'm thirty
my dreams are fiction, my mind a restriction
the world is a rope and i tie the knot
thought they oughta taught the boys and girls to tie their shoes
but not how to help when a brother gets shot
with a wave of depression, empty emotion
the world's in slow motion, what's all the commotion
when nothing you say is nothing you feel
and nothing you feel is anything real
each breath is swallowing steel and 
every meal has no appeal, and they wonder
why i deal with the devil, if not for release,
not by choice, if just to have the bad thoughts cease
voices rejoicing for a moment of


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  • Ursa

    oh my god blue this really does slam, it's so terribly beautiful

    10 months ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    this reads so much like a slam poem, please slam it, i would love to hear it spoken

    12 months ago
  • jaii

    god blue this is so amazing i just i can't words right now just wow

    12 months ago