hey! i'm from australia, and i'm thirteen. some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, reading as watching shows. i'm a libra, i love life and i never have a favourite author for long. i write over-dramatic, sad and no-happy-ending stories.

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"when people write, nothing can possibly be chimera. writing breathes colour to the world around you. your imagination is the paintbrush."
lowercase intended :)

the missile monsoon

December 9, 2019


the worn battlefield had no place for a blooming flower.
glistening with youth, flowing hair and dazzling eyes.
a heart so soft yet a head so cold.
her petals were withering,
and her time too near.
there was no shelter in that love-sapped land.
just the loud boom of missiles,
and the tiny glint of hope in her fragile heart.
her father wore a cape,
his heroic smile remained amidst the grief.
with friends so long gone,
papa's face was locked within her heart .
and as the missile monsoon rained down,
she cried,
"i'll be with you 'till the whole world ends."
dude I love 'orphans' by coldplay so much. a little tribute to their masterpiece. and a tribute to the beloved girl named 'Rosaline' and her father. 


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