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19 (sadly :( I don't want to leeeaavve noooo)
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that's for you to decide I guess
physics student with a
tiny dream of being a writer too so
enjoy my words or something :)

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Its my last day, I'm publishing a bunch of the things in my portfolio that I never published before because they weren't finished or I wasn't happy with them. This one isn't finished so it doesn't really fit the prompt but it is what it is.


January 7, 2021

Its December. This year is no different to to any other - except we're all older now, of course. I'm in a room full of teenagers: heels discarded across a booze stained carpet, someone half-sobbing-half-laughing hysterically on the stairs, the the smell of fake tan and lukewarm pizza. Reduced to babbling toddlers, my classmates stumble over their words and the furniture and each other. I'm stood on a chair, stretched out full length, trying to reunite a curtain with its railing. Ryan, giraffe-like in stature, is helping to make things worse. Bless him, at least he's trying. Through the window I watch the boys - the fellas, we called them - passing a little piece of happiness between them in the form of a cigarette. They ignore the occasional speck of sleet from the gathering clouds. My eyes follow the smoke upwards into the dark above them.


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  • Starlitskies

    "Reduced to babbling toddlers, my classmates stumble over their words and the furniture and each other." I really like this sentence. And the ending has an eerie yet beautiful note to it.
    Oh no! I know that we've never interacted before, but it's always sad when someone leaves. Hope your dream does come true! Keep on writing! <3
    And hey, for what it's worth, I share your tiny dream as well. I'm also a science student with a dream of being a writer too. Don't worry, we'll make it. :)

    9 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    You are so great a creating a scene. I'm sad your leaving. I just got introduced to your work! I'll definitely go back through and look at some of your older pieces.

    9 months ago