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Something Magnificent

December 8, 2019

    "Well, this is very unfortunate." Ophelia itched her head. 
    "Yeah, it is." Tommy kicked a rock toward the cliff. 
    "Do you remember where we came from? I think it was the pine trail or was it the sycamore trail." Ophelia put her flat hand to her forehead as she searched far into the distance.
    "I think my group started at the Otter trail." Tommy copied Ophelia, her every movement. 
    "We should go left." Ophelia confidently started down the mountain. "And if we are wrong, then we will come back the same way and go right." Tommy mimicked her arms sway. He knew that if he were to get lost with anyone, he is so very thankful it was Ophelia. Her long pink hair made her stand out. And besides, tons of people cared about her. Tommy was confident that the whole camp and the sheriff was looking for her. Tommy knew that only his leader probably cared where he was. He wanted to cry, he wanted to jump off the cliff and into the lake just to float there until his mom started to wonder why he never came back from that sad summer camp that she shipped him too. "I once read a book about how survival, it clearly says to stay where you are and wait for help, but I think in this situation, we should try the different trails. Do you have a watch?" Ophelia's words started to pick up speed. 
    Tommy threw up his wrist, "It's 3:10. Well, 3:07, but I like to round the time, but I thought I would tell you the accurate time in case you someone who liked to know the precise time." Ophelia wondered why she got lost with Tommy, he was kinda cute, he was older, a sixth-grader, big chunky glasses. She was curious. His favorite color, favorite movie, favorite superhero, she wanted to know everything. 
    "I like the rounded time better." She lied. She never met anyone that preferred a different way to say the time. "Ms.Renedger is so annoying, don't ya think? She never stops talking, and I heard she has eleven cats." 
    "I think that's pretty unlikely, but I do agree she doesn't know when a conversation should be over." Tommy started counting every tree that had carvings on it. The trail began to get steeper and more unfamiliar. He stopped walking. "I don't think this is the right way."
    "I'm pretty sure it is, I go camping all the time, I am pretty good at navigating. One time I got lost during a storm and found my way back after 4 hours to find cops with my family." Ophelia lied again. She moved her mouth with confidence, hoping Tommy might find her story cool.
    "Did you get in trouble?"
    "No, well yeah kinda, but only a little. But anyway, we are going the right way I'm sure of it, would bet my life on it." 
    "Fine." A rustle in the bushes cut the tension in half.
    "What was that?" Both kids stepped away from the noise. Ophelia brushed Tommy's shoulder, making him nervous, and his palms start to sweat.
    "I'm sure it was just a stupid rabbit," Ophelia said, standing completely still.
    "I agree that it is a rabbit, but they aren't stupid." 
    "Yeah, maybe you're right." Ophelia started to walk.
    "You don't have to lie, you know."
    "Lie about what? I didn't lie." She turned to Tommy, still glued to the same place before. 
    "Not lie, but change your answers to match mine. A lot of kids do it, it's annoying. I'm not saying your annoying but, you should just say what you want." 
    "I didn't." She turned back to quickly continue walking down the steep hill, her eyes felt like they were going swell up and fall out. Ophelia thought Tommy hated her and fantasized about crying into her pillow. She started to think about all of his great qualities, and all the reasons he disliked her. She sniffled purposely louder than average to catch his attention.
    It worked, "Are you crying?" Tommy asked, trailing behind Ophelia.
    "No." She sniffled again.
    "Yeah, you are, what's wrong? Don't worry, the camp counselors are looking for you." He bit the side of lip while dodging some low hanging trees. 
    "I'm not crying, I am just stressed about life, you wouldn't understand," she wiped her face and moved her pink locks behind her ears.
    "I can try to help, I seriously-" Ophelia cut him off.
    "Why did you say 'looking for me?' They are looking for both of us. All your friends are probably worried sick, I know I would be worried if someone told me Tommy Hunty was missing." Her sniffles faded away.
    "You would? Why? We have only spoken once before this." He appreciated the compliment but was more intrigued in her response. 
    "Yeah, but I still see you come to the tutor classes on Thursdays to teach all the dumb kids how to do multiplication. You are really nice. I have never asked you for help because you're intimidating, thought you didn't like me." Ophelia started to get the feeling that they went the wrong way.
    "What, really? I always liked you, I think you are pretty cool. I've watched you practice your cartwheels all summer. You the best at them. And you are not dumb." His heart started to beat fast.
    "Thanks." She hid her smile with her hands.
    "So, why are you stressed out?" Tommy asked.
    "Well, I'm scared we will get lost and die. But also I have a secret I am too scared to tell anyone, nobody knows." Ophelia abruptly stopped walking and stuck her pinky finger out, "Promise not to tell anyone, like no one, not even your parents." Tommy was shocked and matched her pinky.
    "I promise Ophelia, I won't tell a soul." 
    "Okay, the night before I came to camp, I quietly walked to the kitchen to get a granola bar. But I saw my mom kissing someone, the person wasn't my dad though. So I thought of every possibility. The only thing that makes sense is my mom is cheating on my dad."
    Tommy raises his eyebrows, "Where did you see them kissing? In the kitchen?"
    "No, there is a window in the kitchen where I saw her in a car that I have never seen, and she leaned over and kissed another man!" Ophelia started to pull on her hair tie.
    "I'm sorry that sucks, your mom is mean for doing that. Are you going to tell your dad?" 
    "I already did, ten minutes before I left for camp, I wrote a letter explaining everything I saw and slipped under my dad's pillow. So I will know what happened when we get back next week." A hot breeze reminded the two kids of their situation. 
    "We should go back to the top of the cliff, they will find us there." Tommy started back up the cliff. Ophelia followed his striped shirt.
    "Do you have any secrets?" She grew curious, hoping he would turn around and say he had a crush on her. Ophelia was sure she liked him.
    "No, not really." 
    "C'mon, there has to be something."
    "Well, this isn't really a secret, but sometimes when my dad or mom forgets their wallet in the car, and I have to stand at the checkout and wait for them, every single time, I get so nervous they won't come back for me. That they will forget about me and drive away. That they wish they never had me. I'm sure you don't understand it, with so many people that love you." Tommy started to wish he didn't tell her, he never admitted it to anyone, except the cashier who asked him why he was crying.
    "Not true, I do understand. The world is scary and not having someone to  be there is hard. I wish I was there when that happened. I would give you a giant hug." The two kids reached their previous setting and sat on some rocks waiting for a swarm of rescue. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes until Ophelia scooted closer to Tommy. She stared at him until he stared back at her, they had a staring contest for thirty seconds. Tommy blinked first. Ophelia moved her hair again, and looked at Tommy's chapped lips, she slammed her slobbery lips against his for one second and pulled away. Tommy started breathing really hard and blushing. "I'm sorry, I never kissed anybody before."
    "It's okay." She started to blush, as well. Tommy scooted closer to Ophelia and held her in a tight hug until three camp counselors and a sheriff found the two kids asleep against the rocks. 
    The rest of the camp, the two kids, didn't talk as much as they wanted to, but they would often smile at each other or make silly faces across the dining hall. As they grew up, they grew apart, but both continued life with a little piece of each other still in their hearts. Tommy often wondered what great thing Ophelia was doing. And Ophelia would regularly pray that Tommy would coincidentally walk into her life, even if it were just for a giant hug. 



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