Carlos Melendez

United States

Fenom 2052

December 8, 2019

Carlos Melendez
It’s been 60 years since the last footprint was set on earth years of nuclear war destroyed our planet and made it uninhabitable. Some might say it was the United States fault, but I guess that doesn’t really matter anymore since only 3 of the last 400 humans left are actually American. Luckily the government had a secret space station by the name of Fenom 2052 that they were hiding in space for situations like this. Hi, I’m Aaron me and my buddy Lionel were sent by the space station to find a planet that is habitable where we can start a new life for the last of us humans since the Fenom 2052 would eventually run out of resources. We sure as hell didn’t volunteer to go on this conquest of death but there is a deep hate for us Americans on the station for being the cause of all this in the first place. We’ve been roaming through space for about 11 months now living off of nothing but dry fruit and each other’s company to escape the lifeless personality of space which is kind of hard due to Lionel’s thick accent ,but hey, what can I say it’s better than talking to a wall I guess. After the 6th month a feeling of hopelessness hit Lionel and me. We had been voyaging through space for half a year with only two uninhabitable planets to show for it the first being way too hot and the second being Jupiter like with a surface of gas that would kill you the moment you made contact. Since then no sign of planets on our radar although the asteroids make the trip somewhat more enjoyable with them constantly bumping into our ship as if it were a giant game of bumper cars. As much as we would like to go home, we both know that our lives our better in this ship then a place where were frowned upon everywhere we go we can’t even eat without someone chunking a synthetic banana at us. Lionel and I often joke about keeping the whole planet to ourselves if we were actually able to find one ,but the only reason we wouldn’t is due to the third American left a lady by the name of Mary an older lady who’s to put it as nice as possible lost a couple of screws in the brain if you know what I mean, and oh yeah reproduction would be kind of complicated. Being American Mary slept in the same sector as us on the space station, so we came to love her craziness overtime. The head sector on Fenom 2052 gave us exactly 1 year to find a planet or else they would assume we took it all for ourselves and end Mary’s life. That wasn’t very surprising even though we have communication devices to let them know our status their hatred for us is so deep that they’ll look for any reason to harm us. From the look of its Mary’s days are numbered as much as we want to help her it’s not easy finding a habitable planet, I mean we’re not even sure one exists. Dreams of plains, mountains, and seas stretching widely across the globe were quickly fading. That was until December 11 ,2053 exactly 343 days since we set on our voyage, we found the planet or “Bliss” as me and Lionel now like to call it. One night while I was asleep, and Lionel was taking his shift to watch the radar a beeping came from the device that we had missed so much the crazy Mexican American bastard had found a planet. A planet not exactly spherical more like a semicircle with colorization that resembles a lion fur the only question now is it is habitable? “Contact”! “Contact”! Said the ships motherboard kind of like Siri besides the fact that she doesn’t respond to extremely idiotic question. Once we landed, we put on our suits and began to explore the first sign to a habitable planet was oxygen and an acceptable climate still about a hundred and twenty degrees but not anything that’ll give us third degree burns or anything crazy like that. It looked like we had a winner it’s not much but as long as we found a water supply, we would be able to make a new life for humans. We contacted Fenom 2052 to inform them that we had found a planet and sent them our exact location. They told us the nicest words we had heard from the people of the space station in a long time. “it’s about time you piece of trash found something we’ll gather everything and be on our way.
 Eventually the people of Fenom 2052 arrived to planet Bliss. The population is now up to about 5000. The other two Americans and I are now respected and praised for finding the planet life is good.


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