Evan Wang

United States

Snow of December

December 8, 2019

Sparks flew as the fireplace crackled and burned in my wake. My eyes started fluttering open when I felt the bite of the chilled air that soaked into my skin even when I had a blanket covering me. I was sleeping on my couch that was right in front of the fireplace. The tv, which was on top of the fireplace, was still on. I must’ve fallen asleep last night while I was watching Netflix. The empty mug of hot chocolate that’s on the table explains it all. A breeze of cold air brushed past my shoulders. I quickly cuddled up in my blanket and enjoyed the warmth my pajamas brought to me. The window that was right of the Christmas Tree was left open by a crack. That must be where the wind came from. I slowly got off the couch and when my feet hit the cold floor I instantly stopped. A shudder ran through me and I  raced to the Christmas Tree. While trying to close the window, which was quite high, I arched my body away from the ornaments and bright lights of the Christmas Tree. My hand found the handle and I latched it shut. I quickly ran to the fireplace and huddled in front of it. My hands rubbed together as I stared up at the stockings that were hung. Just as I was immersed in the Christmas Spirit, my phone’s alarm went off reminding me that I have work. I got up from the fireplace and walked towards the couch, my smile slowly turned into a grim frown as the warmth from the fireplace receded. The heater in the apartment decided to not work today, and of course it was gonna snow all day long. I lit a candle that was scented Winter White on the centerpiece of my dinner table, which was decorated with golden leaves and cranberries. The lovely scent spread quickly around the room as I changed from my comfy pajamas into a white wool sweater with black tights. My room was a mess, clothes littered everywhere, miniature Christmas trees in every corner. The beautiful decoration tips that were shown on the magazine didn’t work on my room. I prowled for my white beanie that I’m gonna wear to work today and after a few minutes I found it under a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. My alarm sounded again and I rushed out of the room. I grabbed my purse and snatched my black winter jacket with fake fur and wooden buttons and headed out the door. My feet felt snug as I walked due to my choice of shoes, black UGGS. The snow hasn’t piled yet, so it was easy for me to walk to work. I worked as a photographer at a photo booth only a few streets away. The city’s Christmas spirits were high and the streets were decorated with beautiful lights that lit up the sky even if it’s grey. I walked past a few shops that were blaring “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey and found myself humming to the beat without realizing it. The winds picked up, and the snowflakes now blew into my face. They clung onto my hair and now I looked like Elsa in real life. I held out my hand to catch some of the snow while they drifted among the wind. Each snowflake was beautifully intricate, and I wish they lasted longer but it didn’t. Such is reality I guess. I crossed a few more streets and spotted some children building snowmen on the sidewalk. “Do you want to build a snowman?” I found myself singing to them. They giggled and I continued on walking. Once I reached my photo booth I threw my coat onto a chair and sat down on the sofa in the lobby. Such is a merry day with joyful things. I got up and looked out the window of the lobby onto the streets where snowflakes happily danced. Good morning city, ‘tis the season to be jolly.
I have included a small part of a poem I have written before within this story and can be seen at “Each snowflake was beautifully intricate, and I wish they lasted longer but it didn’t. Such is reality I guess.” 


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