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When the Clock Strikes Twelve

December 8, 2019

PROMPT: Now to Then

And she lived happily ever after
Except she didn't
Cinderella was queen but she didn't forget.

Sometimes she did.
Sometimes she would go around the palace in huge dresses and eat the most wonderful food
And she would be able to forget, for just the moment, that she didn't belong here.
Sometimes she would walk into the kitchen and she would see a girl scrubbing the floor
Or hear the ringing of a bell
And all in a rush it would come back to her .

All those days and nights
and days and nights 
and days-
Because that was her life-
That was who she had thought she was going to be forever.

She escaped a life of work on her looks and don't think she didn't know it-
Don't think she wasn't grateful she was so lucky-
She used to be the one scrubbing the floors-
Her ears still listening for a bell-
The emotional and manual labor of caring for a family as a one woman workforce-
How do you let someone help you?
How do you communicate if no one in your life every treated you as an equal?
When emotional neglect has left Cinderella talking to the mice?

And sometimes yet still, she would see and brown and white horse,
Or smell the far off scent of a fountain
And she would remember her father, her mother, her childhood.
She would remember how happy she had been,
Once upon a time.


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  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Check it out in song form, too:

    7 months ago
  • Loser

    I like this twist on Cinderella...I've always wondered what would have happened to her, whether she would suffer trauma from the abuse of her stepmother.

    10 months ago