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Snippets of Strangeness: The Dancer

December 7, 2019


As she dances on the stage, she flows into the scenery, becoming part of the natural landscape. Her feet dance on the scuffed wood that supports her. Each scratch tells a story and each time her soles brush one, a surge of energy flows through her body. This force manifests itself through her graceful gestures, but each one comes with a pang of sadness. Her skin becomes a mosaic of the love and hate she’s felt.  Her eyes are kaleidoscopes of the horrors and wonders she’s seen. Tears of joy and sorrow down her cheeks. Her body contorts itself, forcing her limbs into invisible boxes of expectations. But her body fights back, bursting from society’s prison. She burst from the suffocating cocoon like a shy butterfly. Her feet bounce off the ground and for a moment she’s free, suspended between the two realms. Then reality crashes down. She collapses on the stage. And there she lays just a pile of flesh and bone.  Her soul stripped of originality by the promise of creativity. The life has been sucked out of her eyes. She is no more than a dancer. As droplets of sweat simmer under the overbearing lights above, the audience applauds.  She smiles as if the only validation she needs is that of strangers who view her as nothing more than entertainment. 


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