hey! i'm from australia, and i'm thirteen. some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, reading as watching shows. i'm a libra, i love life and i never have a favourite author for long. i write over-dramatic, sad and no-happy-ending stories.

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"when people write, nothing can possibly be chimera. writing breathes colour to the world around you. your imagination is the paintbrush."
lowercase intended :)


December 9, 2019


it's endless. you bite away at your crusted fingertips, teeth numb yet landing with precision. 
it's deceiving. you l-lie through a stuttering mouth, tongue tw-twisted in fear.
most importantly, it's unexpected. 
unexpected like the red flush that creeps naughtily up your cheeks, as you struggle hopelessly to strangle your emotions.
emotions, how dangerous.
dangerous like that unsteady heartbeat thrumming in your chest. or the rattling cage of butterflies, threatening to break free from the depths of your stomach.
the wave of dread, the foreboding white noise that screams shrilly in your head.
"it's all going to go wrong"
shivering and shaking internally, heart hammering wildly.
you feel like everyone is against you,
like there's some conspiration, like bloodthirsty hounds watch your every move.
there's sweat that glistens on your forehead, rolling down so painfully slow.
your pupils dilate, snapping side to side, like you're under some voodoo spell.
the feeling swamps you, drowns you, chokes you and bathes in your fear.
ever present, not really gone.
and no.
it never goes away.



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  • ajamwal

    you are so underrated, i really think you deserve more credit.

    over 1 year ago
  • ZaQueenOnPoetry.

    It’s...beautiful and endearing. I could feel every moment, every second of your poem, I couldn’t have done anything better and... thank you.

    almost 2 years ago