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Message to Readers

This poem stems from the concept of religion in general. Often culture, tradition, and religion are key things we identify with, so I wanted to toy with the idea of not "fitting into" your religion. I would love to hear your feedback on this poem!


December 5, 2019


holy grail pour it out of me rich, spoon-feed ashes into my mouth ignore my
ganges river tears, forgive me for crying, there is no salt in holy water
pool blood-wine around bare feet is this
your holy ground? excuse me and my raw honey skin let me just
fold in on myself, eradicate
you tell me my argan oil is not holy oil please,
let me clear your holy terrain for you, cleanse your holy land, 
can i be your holy 
ghost too or is that a position not meant for my brown butter people
fire your sacraments into my saree contempt so thick
you can call it an accent shove your
leviticus into my chutney jar, here, maybe we can pickle some culture into him
watch his skin shrivel, dry and thin, tell me, does genocide taste like the body of your christ
tell me, 
is a honey-girl’s body not worthy of the same worship as your
polyester altar is she just
fruit for the taking
am i just 
fruit for the taking no worries, my love is bountiful
was bountiful
this syrup has been squeezed out by too many holy
fathers what is a honey-girl but
condolences what is a honey-girl but
disappointment what is a honey-girl but a blemish, but
what is a honey-girl, brown butter-girl, argan oil dripping down thighs, cumin and coriander what
is a honey-girl but


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1 Comment
  • Anha

    yes yes yes yes religious poetry is one of my favourite niches, and you've knocked it out of the park with your phenomenal imagery, like, "ganges river tears, forgive me for crying, there is no salt in holy water" wow??? amazing???

    12 months ago