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So this poem is very aggressive. I actually wasn't going to publish it at first, but I figured, why not? Poetry is about bearing your soul and showing everything- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I would love to hear your thoughts on this poem, since it is so different from my other works in the sense that it is much more confrontational.

to the white boy that called me dramatic

December 5, 2019


to the white boy that called me dramatic at my 8th grade poetry slam
you do not get to talk. you need to learn to listen
and i know your milk-skin has taught you comfort is a 
right not a privilege but you will deny this. say, “i have never seen you as different” but
you still aren’t listening, the poem i wrote to share in a place i
thought was safe was about
being different. your milk-skin comes with a side of guilt you
are not allowed to deny this.
and this is a throw-away poem because i know i will
read it out loud to you. because your blue eyes lack the pigment to even process my
melanin without recoiling-
isn’t that why you deny me? you “don’t see color” and you “don’t see race” but
proudly rattle off european countries when someone tells you to listen, say
“we are all the human race” baby
i want to say it is not your fault. maybe it is the melanin in me again, brown and
yellow rising to the surface please,
allow me to assure you that everything is ok, i am sorry
for putting you into the position where you have to see me. to the only other mixed kid
in my class i am sorry for
holding my tongue. why did you hold yours? is this “model minority” so programed into our dna we do not know how to approach the caucasian-hued boy with
a voice too loud to be saying what he is saying-
he has generations to back him.
isn’t it funny, our culture respects ancestors? like they can do anything in the face of this
how can they watch over us if they can’t even protect me from a little white boy with
opinions too sheltered for his own good
how dare they claim to help me. and
here i go again, excusing the white boy, tearing up roots in an
attempt to placate the white boy.
he claimed the reason i won was because i guilt-tripped everyone.
don’t he know he was the only one who felt guilty?


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  • sunny.v

    man, do i wish i could shove this into the face of every white boy who thought joking about my eyes was funny. if only i was as brave as you. from a dark skinned asian girl, thank you for writing this!!

    6 months ago
  • Jothsimar

    This piece of writing just brightened my day, I feel everything that is written. I can really relate to this text. Way to go!!!

    9 months ago
  • luluwrites111

    wow wow wow. your emotion really comes through in this, and everyone needs to read it. especially white boys.

    10 months ago
  • ajamwal

    finally, someone said it. i love it, the aggressive-ness is needed it shows, thank you.

    11 months ago
  • jaii

    fucking preach! your descriptions are amazing. and this just speaks so much truth just ugh finally someone said it. i’ve met way too many people like the boy you’ve described.

    11 months ago
  • Anha

    how many times can i attempt to snap my fingers at this? you say this is confrontational, but it still manages to have some beautiful language - and tbh that's just you in a nutshell. awesome work!

    12 months ago