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she/her. 17, i wrote poetry
2017-2021. thank you.

Message to Readers

This piece is kind of strange because it actually took me a few weeks to write. Usually when I write it all just pours out, but for this one, I actually had to take a break in between and figure out what I was trying to say. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, as usual!


December 5, 2019


my mother sent me to swimming lessons at the ymca when i was three
i learned to kick my legs, glide through the water, hold my breath and swim an entire lap
they say in this life if you can’t swim you drown
i learned how not to drown
i kept swimming until fourteen. 
they say in this life if you can’t swim you drown
they don’t teach you what to do if you want to drown
because maybe drowning is beautiful, or maybe i don’t want to swim anymore
or maybe i wrote this line of this poem and didn’t realize how dark it was
how dark it could be
river-girl feels home pour out of her and mix into chlorine pools,
river-girl wants to drown but not in the scary way, not in the bad way, river-girl
feels safe in her neighborhood concrete ditch. river-girl just wants to be home forever.
maybe river-girl is me.


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