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Message to Readers

Much like the title suggests, this poem was created because I hadn't written poetry in a while and felt the urge to just write SOMETHING- anything really. It's very unpolished, but I quite like the way it ended up becoming something completely different. Writing this was almost like therapy because I worked through where the block was coming from. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this poem!

poet's block

December 5, 2019


for when the words don’t come out
for when they get stuck, are jammed between ripe-peach fingernails and keys for when
the honey does not liquify, for when the beef cartilage sets sticky and the tear-water-words are not
hot enough to soften them for when you do not want it
hard enough do not love it
strong enough do not need it enough
for when the words are floating, in between
two worlds dragonflies for when you are a city girl and have not known
wildfire smoke
for when the glass is frosted and you
are allergic to sugar.
for when you do not need it
for when you do not deserve it at all
city girl, abc, white-washed culture,
ice cubes in your beef noodle soup when the soup-words burn your esophagus
you are not a messenger. you are not a leader. you do not have to be/but you should.
you want it/not enough. you love it/not enough. you need it/not enough.
for when the words don’t come out, for when you are not enough.


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  • Anha

    for when the words don't come out, just look at these for inspiration:

    10 months ago
  • Anha

    even when you say you have poet's block, your language and metaphors in this poem are exquisite. i'll definitely be trying to use some of these phrases in my own writing.

    12 months ago