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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

Message to Readers

This poem was born from a challenge to get myself to write a poem in under 150 characters. It was a challenge for sure! I use the story of 女媧, who created all humankind in Chinese mythology, as a way to talk about feminism while still tying it to culture and tradition. Feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed!

媧皇 /myth

December 5, 2019


break me, open, reshape, even 
女媧 is not exempt from men.
betel-nut fingers make what’s hers
his don’t fight it.
sun-dried 黄河 mud, hit the ground,
hard, like he hits
me, don’t worry clay is soft, nothing will be 
your memories don’t count.


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