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Sails in the Sunrise #Colours

December 8, 2019


    The sky had lightened from indigo to a light blue. I could tell it was almost dawn by the way the soft early morning light shone through my window. My alarm went off, and I switched it off immediately to make it be quiet, I couldn't risk waking anyone else up. You see, every morning I wake up to watch the sun come out of it's hiding. To watch as the cold,dark night turn into something so pink,precious,and delicate as the sunrise. I always open my bedroom window and let the soft, gentle winds carress my face and letting my honey brown hair flow in the wind like crisp,white sail of a boat. Like the sail of my father's sailboat.
     It used to be our ritual,we would sneak out of bed every morning. Climbing out of our rooms through our bedroom windows,and sitting to watch the sunrise,carefull not to knock any of the grey birch wood shingles off the roof of our old perriwinkle rowhouse. We woldn't speak, we would just sit their quietly,I would squeeze his hand,and he would squeeze mine,it was our way of saying we were right there with each other. It had been three years since I last saw him, alive at least, I kept a picture of him on my dresser.
     He worked overseas in the Navy, you see, as a spy. He would go on his sailboat and take out enemy ships. They would never see him from the big battleships because after all it was just a tiny sailboat. He would boast that it was because of his super spy skils, but we all knew it was just because his boat was like a tinfoil boat compared to the large enemy battleships. One fateful day, an enemy soldier did see his sailboat, they shot at him and the boat. The soldier killed both him and his beloved sailboat, and it killed a part of me too. For months I imagined my dad dead against the water, his scarlet red blood coating the blue ocean
    I sighed and climbed out onto the roof,Dad wouldn't have wanted me to be sad. "Keep your head up,kiddo." He would've said smiling. I partially shut the window but not fully,I needed to get back inside swiftly before Mom noticed I'd left. I sat down,looking up at the sky. It was it's normal pink-peach color,but boy did it glow. The sky was mostly clear, except for one fluffy cloud shaped like a ship's sail. I had  feeling that this was my dad's way of telling me no matter where I was, he was always there to watch the sunrise with me. 


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